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AKKO World Tour Tokyo R2 Double Shot PBT Keycaps

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OEM Profile Keycaps Set in Janpanese Layout

The keycaps set of 162 is designed as OEM profile which is regarded as one of the most ergonomics height for most typing. The keycaps set of 49 is for the basic need. The Japanese layout makes it special for people in Japan! You will experience the ultimate comfort using the AKKO keycaps set, don’t hesitate one more minute to get yours.

AKKO World Tour Tokyo Keycaps

As a professional mechanical keyboard maker, AKKO never limits itself and always goes beyond. Inspired by Tokyo, this model is perfectly embedded Japanese main elements in its design, like Sakura, Mount Fuji. The special pattern on the keycaps offers more fun. Enjoy the pink and white world with your mechanical keyboard.

Thermal Sublimation PBT Keycaps

Outer look is not the only thing we are looking for, the quality weighs the same. This set is made of dye-subbed PBT keycaps to offer ultra durability and stability. Because of the this special technology, the keycaps is oil-proof and fingerprints-proof and the letters on it won’t fade away even after long time.

Close Fonts Design

This set adopts a special fonts that’s customized by AKKO team. The fonts are printed at a reasonable size on the top to display a artistic feeling. It’s also easy to recognize while typing.

Color Matters

Inspired by the Japanese culture, this series adopts the pink color as the base tone which is quite popular among girls. Not like the normal black or white keyboard, if you are looking for something novel and unique, get this one and it can also be a perfect gift in any occasions.

OSA Profile

keycap set that will fit most keyboards.

Comes with 1.75U, 1.5U, 1U keycaps for shift and function keys.



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