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AKKO MOD005 Hotswappable 65% Barebones Mechanical Keyboard (Pink)

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The AKKO MOD005 is a great entry-level DIY 65% keyboard kit to get you going on your keyboard journey. This 65% design features a compact layout with hotswappable switches, and gasket-mount for a flexy and bouncy typing feel.

Built with anodized CNC-cut aluminum, AKKO manages to deliver a well-built and solid keyboard without an exorbitant price tag. 

The New Trend of Gasket Mount

With the success of AKKO's first gasket mount DIY kit - the MOD003, they've continued to build on that to give more choices to the keyboard enthusiast community.

The gasket mount implementation gives the board a cushioned typing feeling since the plate is not in direct contact with its rigid metal case. As a bonus, AKKO has included an extra FR4 plate and poron gaskets for further moddability.

Screw-in and Plate-Mounted Stabilizers Available

Screw-in stabilizers are often considered an effective way to prevent both rattling and vibrating on the plate in the keyboard. AKKO has made this kit compatible with both screw-in and plate-mounted stabilizers. This gives you more options when trying to replace or upgrade the stabilizers.

Premium CNC Case with Double Muffled Foams

Aluminum is known for its structural integrity and weight. With the MOD007, every part of the case is precisely machine-cut and made to fit together perfectly.

While the gasket design requires space to flex, AKKO has included a layer of foam in the bottom case and between the PCB and plate to reduce the hollowness of the keyboard.

Supports both PCB mounted (5-pin) and Plate mounted (3-pin) MX-style switches.
Use SMD-LED compatible switches for the best backlight shine thru.


Number of Keys: 67 keys
Main Body Material: Aluminum
Stabilizer Mount: Plate Mounted Clip-in & PCB Screw-In
Backlight: Per-Key RGB
Layout: ANSI

Wired USB 2.0 Type-C 
Compatible System: macOS/Windows/Linux
Firmware: AKKO Cloud Driver

Dimensions: 323x119x29mm
Weight: 900g

1x Assembled MOD005 PCB, Case, and Aluminum Plate
1x FR4 (Fiberglass) Plate 
4x Plate Mounted Clip-in Stabilizers
1x Coiled Type-C Cable
84x Poron Gaskets



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