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AKKO Black-on-White (BOW) Double Shot PBT Keycaps (158-key)

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AKKO Black-on-White is made from durable and shine-proof PBT using a double-shot process that results in clear and resilient legends. This keycap set is designed to give a clean look to your setup comes in an ASA profile set. 

Color is descriptive while black and white is interpretive. BOW stands for Black on White and WOB stands for White on Black. AKKO BOW/WOB keycaps set is designed with the most pure and simple colors to bring the original passion to your keyboard. No colorful or various novelties, BOW/WOB set presents you a neat high quality PBT keycaps set easily with the pure beauty. Moreover, slightly different from WOB Set, the BOW contains Hiragana on it so it also suits for Japanese speakers.

Designed with the popular ASA profile, this keycaps set can work as the most basic and comfortable set. If you are looking for something that can improve your gaming experience, don’t spend milliseconds looking for the next key, simply get this ASA Profile PBT keycaps set as it’s sculpted to be efficient and comfortably presses.

For ultimate typing experience and durability, we go with 85% PBT material instead of ABS. Compared to ABS material, PBT is less common and feel textures and more more durable. It’s dry and not easy to get oily. It won’t wear down over time like ABS does.

AKKO BOW/WOB set keycaps adopts double-shot technique, a more complicated manufacturing process where two separate plastics are injection molded to make the keycaps. Details and techniques made this set an ideal and the best choice when you are looking for a replacement set.


This set will fit most keyboards.

Full-Sized 100%
Tenkeyless (TKL)

Tsangan Layout



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