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AKKO 9009 Retro Double Shot PBT Keycaps

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- Stand Out Vintage Color Set: Inspired by the genuine vintage color, the 9009 keycap set has a retro color of light grey, slightly red, and blue keycaps. The Vintage color set will make your keyboards more elegant and classic.

- 178 Keys - Full Compatibility with Layouts and MX switches: 178 keycaps offers more options to custom your different keyboard layouts, like 60%, 65%,75%, Winkeyless, Tenkeyless, Number pad and Full sized keyboards. Standardized MX compatible with most MX switches. 

- PBT Double Shot Keycap: As to ensure the ultimate typing experience and durability, the AKKO 9009 keycap set delivers in high quality with ultra durable PBT whose legends will never wear away. The ultra-thick keycaps enhance the overall durability with water and dust.

Exquisite Reusable Collection Box: With a custom functional storage box, the AKKO 9009 keycap set is not only an excellent gift for any occasion, but also has the significance of the collection. You can collect keycap package. If you want your keyboard to feel like a work of art, the 9009 keycap set will give you a different experience. 

- ASA Profile Keycaps Full Set: Instead of going with OEM profile or classic Cherry Profile, the ASA profile is built in higher profile. This keycaps set can work as the most basic and comfortable setting that can improve your typing experience.

ASA and Cherry profile keycap sets that will fit most keyboards.

Comes with 1.75U, 1.5U, 1U keycaps for shift and function keys.



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