Hyperion Gaming Glasses

Hyperion Gaming Glasses

Our Brand Story

Established in 2021, Hyperion is Singapore's first Gaming glasses endorsed by professional gamers. We provide visual and practical solutions for all gamers, casual and elite alike, for superior gaming performance and beyond. Our glasses are designed with the aim of reducing digital eye strain, improving focus while blocking blue light that disrupts sleep.
In Hyperion, we specialize in high-quality gaming eyewear. Not only are we gamers ourselves but also, we love the gaming culture. With that, it fuels our passion to design our gaming glasses to improve your gaming experience, performance and for some, careers.
Our glasses are made of high-quality and lightweight material that is designed to fit comfortably around your eyes. Our glasses are also made with an anti-blue light lenses that reduces the level of harmful blue light as well making it easier to focus on the screen while preventing eye strain.

Meet Team Hyperion


Fengyuan Lee, CEO & Co-founder

Feng Yuan has always had a heart for gaming.
His earliest memories of computer games date all the way back to primary school, when he was introduced to games such as Runescape and DotA. Since then, he has spent countless hours on a wide genre of games spanning from MMORPG, FPS to MOBA (favourite being League of Legends).

Professionally, Feng Yuan is also an Optometrist, who has served and consulted many people regarding their vision in his family optical business since 2016. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Optometry is now also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Optometry accredited by the University of Melbourne.  

Trusted by Professional Gamers

We are proud to say that our glasses have already been tested used by several pro Esports players. Our glasses supports their wellbeing by protecting and
helping to relax their eyes while gaming.

Our goal is that when you wear our glasses, you'll unlock a new level of gaming experience.

Greater Vision, Greater Gaming.

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